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Project Description
Welcome to the Bloodhound project.

Bloodhound is a file downloading utility that showcases best pratices for writing a multi-threaded windows application.

Developed by: Shailen Sukul
Shailen Sukul

Please click on the Releases folder to get the source code and the setup file.
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You can read the introductory article at
Bloodhound is a file downloading utility that addresses the following requirements:
  • point to a web page and filter URLs on it. For example, *.doc should give me a collection of URLs that have .doc at the end of the link.
From the list of available files, I should be able to select the files I want to download.
  • download my selected files simultaneously.
  • nominate the number of simultaneous threads for download.
  • cancel a download at any point in time.
  • informs the download status of each selected file.
  • does not re-download files that I have downloaded before.

Bloodhound UI
Downloading fies

I have been receiving a lot of suggestions from people that have found this utility useful. Therefore, I have decided to make the code open source. Hope you will find it useful.

Written By: Shailen Sukul

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